Organization structure


Binh Tay market management Board is an administrative unit established under the Decision No.: 348/QĐ-UB of 06th District People’s Committee on 05/04/1995. Binh Tay market operates under the Decree No.: 02/2003/NĐ-CP of the government on 14/01/2003 stipulating on market development and management, under the Decision No.: 2249/QĐ-UB-TM of Ho Chi Minh city People’s Committee on 16/7/1994 in re recognizing Binh Tay’s activities and it’s regulations approved and issued on 10/10/2003 by 06th District People’s Committee. The market management Board consists of one section Head and two deputy section Heads. The section Head is in charge of general tasks. One deputy section Head is in charge of the state’s administrative task and the other is in charge of market security control and maintainances.
   Management staff have 3 groups:
Groups of office – finance – Planning.
Market security guard group.
Groups of Maintainers and electric technicians.
Groups of office – finance – Planning
Manage the state’s administrative aspects and market’s business activities. Organize and instruct for budget collecting in accordance with the annual norm given by 06th District People’s Committee and the unit’s financial plan. Support Binh Tay market’s taxation team to collect tax at the market area. Establish and organize the plan implementation on the market’s economic and social development. Handle and settle claims and disputes from pity traders at the market.
Market security guard group
Responsible for public order safety and fire safety at the market, secure the state’s properties and the traders’ goods during the night.
Groups of Maintainers and electric technicians
Maintain the market’s downgraded items, repair electric and water items for the traders, manage, maintain the market’s electric system, dynamos for a permanent electricity supplying.
The party’s cell and unions:
Binh Tay market has it’s party’s cell and unions comprising Labor Union, Women’s Association and Youth Union.
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