Giới thiệu về Ngành hàng

At present, Binh Tay market has over 2.300 stands selling over 30 kinds of products. The main products include spices (abalone, shark fin, fish bladder, golden mushroom, etc. ingredient for cooking), jam, cookies, ready-made clothes, shoes, leather handbags, household goods (pottery, plastic, aluminum objects, stainless steel, etc.), general groceries, plating jewelry, jewelry, etc. All are divided into 5 key areas:
The ground-floor area includes the front of the market on Thap Muoi Street. The essential products in this area are pottery, incense and lamps, zinc nails, spices, nylon-rain coats, shoes, handbags, pictures – wedding necessaries, textile, plastic, hats, aluminum objects, knives and scissors, plating jewelry, nylon bags, canned food, fruit jams, and telephones.
The essential commodities of the upper storey area are ready-made clothes, groceries, biscuits and candies.
The Tran Binh area is the newly-built area which includes the following products: mixed spices, high-grade spices, high-grade seafood, processed jams, tea-coffee, fruit, and flowers.
The Le Tan Ke area has these main commodities: shrimps – dried fishes, oil, soy sauce and fermented tofu, bean – flour, sugar, palm-leaf conical hats, bamboo and rattan households, betel and areca, Da Lat vegetables, fresh rice vermicelli, herbal leaves for steaming, salted fish, salted cabbage, sour cabbage, pickles, coconuts, vegetables, eggs, grass jelly, mushrooms, Vietnamese caramel sauce, clams, and spices.
The Phan Van Khoe area is the main area of the market selling food. The commodity includes food and beverage, pork, beef, shrimps, crabs – frogs – oysters, saltwater fish, freshwater fish, ducks – roast pork, steamed fish, tofu, pickled leeks, dried fish, eggs, still-alive poultry (chicken, duck), and ice.

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