The Ceremony for a foundation of Veteran Association under Party Bloc – Front- The District’s Union

The Veteran Association under Party Bloc – Front – The District’s Union was established with 17 members including 07 previous ones and 10 new members (just admitted ). In the ceremony, on behalf of the provisional Executive Board, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hoa - Provisional President made a dratf report on the Association’s activities from now until the first term conference regarding to the contents to build the Association into an united and high unanimous one, it’s members must thoroughly grasp the party’s lines and policies, the state’s law, 100% it’s members gains the yearly competition title of “ typical veterans ” under the Association’s regulations; build a standard Association “ a clean and powerful basis ”, highten it’s typical role; each member fulfils the office’s political duties; promote the solidarity, help each other, maintain affection and gratitude activities…


As a district’s leader as well as a new member, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho has acknowledged contributions of the veteran Association members during the implementation process of economic – cultural – social norms in the district and he also made a proposal that the association members should be united, high unanimous, and ensure that 100% It’s members thoroughly grasps the party’s lines and policies, the state’s law, has a firm mind to Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, maintains and promotes the good image of “ Uncle Ho’s soldier”, specially, promotes their education role to teach the youth generation our people’s pride & patriotic tradition. And with their experiences and abilities, they should go on training and striving to improve their political skill & spirit, revolutionary moral, bring their experiences and their comrades’ into play duties of the district’s economy – politics; go on thorough grasping and effective deploying to the Party’s resolutions, instructions on strengthening the Party’s leading to Vietnam veteran works in the new stage.

From news source of 06th District’s Website

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