On 06/8/2008, President of Swiss Confederation goes shopping at Binh Tay Market.

On the occasion of visiting and working in Ho Chi Minh City, at 14:20 pm on 06/8/2008, President of Swiss Confederation, Pascal Couchepin visited suddenly Binh Tay Market. At the market, the President came to see kiosks of fabric, grocery, aluminium, household plastic, waxing and plating jewelry, spice, handbags, ready-made clothes, etc. President of Switzerland stopped at flower garden of Binh Tay Market to watch unicorns and dragons which were cast in brass hundred years ago and read the note of credit of Mr. Quach Dam, the owner of Binh Tay Market, who spent the money to build Binh Tay Market in first years of 20th decade in 20th century. Through the short visit, the President left a good feeling with a friendly smile, simple clothes (a shirt and trousers) in heart of small traders in Binh Tay Market. The President also made shopkeepers surprised when helping a girl pull a big package out of the market. The President left the market, ended his shopping at 15:00 pm on the same day.

               News from Management Board of Binh Tay Market

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